RAV Ecotextiles is a global textiles & apparel company providing concept-to-delivery solutions for homegrown apparel brands & boutiques, making us a one-stop shop for designers, traders, and exporters to get their fix of sustainable materials. RAV Ecotextiles offers a wide range of fabrics, both in knits and woven forms, and a variety of garmenting options, which are manufactured and processed sustainably. In our view, ‘sustainable’ means above all that it has been made of natural fibers, where possible from organic farming, and is processed in an ethical manner.

We foresee the trends of tomorrow to innovate keys that push the boundaries of human potential ethically. Our unique collaborations have led to groundbreaking progress, while our commitment to the planet makes RAV Ecotextiles the benchmark for sustainable and ethical processing and manufacturing enriching the fabric of life on our planet.

Born in a city known as Manchester of India,  especially known for the quality mass production of textiles, it is led by a fourth-generation textile entrepreneur who viewed sustainability as a challenge and took it as an opportunity. He envisioned and worked on the lesser know practices of sustainable textiles and built remarkable partnerships along the way. As we continue to expand across borders, our innovations and processes continue to disrupt convention and challenge the status quo.


We inspire our PEOPLE to change the world for good.

We innovate PRODUCTS that are human-centered and sustainable.

We build PARTNERSHIPS to excel and achieve ambitious profitable growth, together.


We see a day when we clothe the world with possibility, our people and partners realize their dreams, and sustainability is woven into the fabric of our industry.


HUMILITY: We continuously grow and know we can always do better.

HONESTY & INTEGRITY: We do the right thing for people and the planet.

TRUST & MUTUAL RESPECT: We honor the value of every human being.

PASSION FOR EXCELLENCE: We believe in the pursuit of perfection.

ENTREPRENEURIAL & INNOVATIVE: We are challengers and changemakers for good.

FREEDOM WITH ACCOUNTABILITY: We take personal responsibility for designing our destiny.

GIVING BACK: We are all in this together.

PRIVACY: We understand that our clients share exclusive information with us related to their designs and upcoming collection and it’s always been our greatest responsibility to fulfill their confidentiality.